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JustBats.com Buyer's Guide: (-5) Transition Bats

Posted by Megan P on Feb 9, 2012 4:20:18 PM

What are -5 bats good for? Is a -5 and -3 drop weight really that different. Youth big barrel bats are available in a -5 drop weight. These bats are great transition bats for players looking to swing a heavier bat. It is a good idea to swing a -5 before jumping into an adult -3 so that you can slowly adjust to the weight difference. It can be difficult to go from swinging the youth bat to an adult bat. For instance, if you are currently swinging the -7 or -8 but next season you will need to swing a -3 bat for high school.

It can be difficult to adjust to the weight difference and effect your swing speed to control and consistency at the plate. It is a good idea to swing a -5 to prepare you for the transition to an adult bat. Practicing with a -5 will help you build up strength and improve your swing speed. When it comes time to swing an adult -3 bat you will be ready for the change.

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