2020 BBCOR White Bat Ban

Posted by JustBats.com on May 7, 2019 11:01:52 AM

(College Only)

Effective September 1st, 2019, NCAA, the governing body for college baseball, adopted a rule that effectively bans the use of any primarily white BBCOR bat.

UPDATE on March 2, 2020: According to Iowa Westen CC Head Coach, Marc Rardin, the NJCAA (Governing Body for Junior College Baseball) will NOT allow the use of any white barreled bats for the 2020 season and beyond. We will continue to update this blog as more information is provided to us.

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Price Matching

Posted by JustBats.com on Nov 9, 2018 4:02:24 PM

Here at JustBats we understand that you want to find the lowest price possible. We know that shopping can be stressful, chaotic, and expensive. That’s why we make bat buying as simple as possible.

A big part of what makes our bat buying process easy is that we’re willing to price match. 

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About Marucci CAT 8 Baseball Bats

Posted by JustBats.com on May 22, 2018 3:24:17 PM

Cat got your tongue?

The ever-popular Marucci CAT baseball bat series is growing. That's because Marucci will release the much-anticipated Marucci CAT 8 bats. In June 2018, the vendor will officially release eleven (11) baseball bats two years after the launch of the CAT 7. JustBats.com received some exciting details about the bats, so we wanted to share.

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USA Baseball Bans Easton Ghost X

Posted by JustBats.com on May 3, 2018 3:06:22 PM

USA Baseball, the national governing body for the sport of baseball in the United States, has announced the first member of their decertified bats list. Effective May 3rd, 2018, USA Baseball has banned the Easton Ghost X (YBB18GX10). Their ban only applies to the 30" / 20 ounce option and the leagues that are affected include AABC, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Dixie Youth, Little League, and PONY Baseball. The 28-29" and 31-32" Easton Ghost X USA Bat lengths are still approved for play and ready to rock. 

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2018 Marucci Metal Bat Guide

Posted by JustBats.com on Feb 12, 2018 4:24:21 PM

Since their inception in 2002, Marucci has established themselves as one of the top bat manufacturers.

With a Big League lineup that includes Albert Pujols, Francisco Lindor, and Buster Posey, their advancements in wood bats continue. But, after the introduction of the Marucci CAT5, the company has really made its mark with metal bats. JustBats.com reviews the Marucci metal baseball bats in this helpful guide.

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All About Lizard Skins Bat Grips

Posted by JustBats.com on Dec 26, 2017 10:44:41 AM

It's a hot summer day and sweat is rolling down your arms onto your hands. The pitcher gets the sign and delivers you a fastball right in your sweet spot and your eyes light up. You get ready to take a big swing, but it is too late, the sweat has reached your hands through your batting gloves and before you know it you whiff and your bat goes flying. How can you prevent this scenario from happening again?

Lizard Skins batting grips have been a popular choice among players at all levels for helping to minimize the exact situation above. Here is an inside look at all you need to know about Lizard Skins bat grips from JustBats.com.

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The State Of COMBAT Bats

Posted by JustBats.com on Jul 12, 2017 1:54:00 PM

What happened?

In July 2016, Performance Sports Group (PSG) announced a restructing of its baseball and softball segment. In doing so, CEO Harlan Kent said, "We believe it is in the best interest of our company, customers and shareholders to streamline our baseball/softball business uner a single infrastructure to better focus our efforts on creating the most innovative products while maximizing our financial results."

When the dust settled, the company that produced the beloved "for players, by players" COMBAT brand was gone.

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2015 Rawlings Gold Glove Winners

Posted by JustBats.com on Nov 11, 2015 3:18:23 PM

Congratulations to all of the Major League Baseball players that took home Rawlings Gold Glove awards! Want the same glove pattern that some of the recent slick-fielding, highlight-reel-producing Gold Glovers choose to take to the field? Then this list is for you!

Many of the 2015 Rawlings Gold Glove Winners have their gloves custom built from the ground up, but we've compiled this list of each pro's glove and have linked it to the most similar glove you can find on JustBallGloves.com:

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2014 Easton Power Brigade BBCOR Baseball Bats

Posted by Mac M on Mar 12, 2014 5:54:06 AM

The 2014 Easton BBCOR baseball bat lineup offers a wide variety of designs to fit every type of hitter. Check them out at JustBats.com today:
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New Akadema Torino Series Baseball Gloves

Posted by Mac M on Mar 5, 2014 2:00:05 AM

The Akadema Torino Series is back for the 2014 season with a fresh new look. Akadema understands what amateur and elite ball players require from their game-day glove, and the Torino Series doesn’t fall short of those demands. Each of these baseball gloves is crafted from Akadema’s durable Kip Leather which makes their gloves 20% lighter than traditional gloves. Along with full grain leather lacing, the Torino Series combines the best of performance and longevity.
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