Learn How to Slap Hit in Softball

Posted by JustBats.com on Mar 17, 2020 1:08:56 PM

For those of you looking to learn how to slap hit, you have come to the right place. JustBats recently hosted professional softball player, AJ Andrews (@aj_andrews_) to have her breakdown the best tips for learning how to slap hit. So without further delay, let’s get to it. These are JustBats easy tips for how to slap hit.

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Offseason Baseball Workouts

Posted by JustBats.com on Jan 29, 2019 10:19:57 AM

The months between fall ball and spring ball is what baseball players call "the offseason". It's a time to get better in ways you typically can't during the season. The offseason is great because you can lift weights without worrying about having a game the next day. With the right amount of discipline and proper workout plan, you can see massive gains during the months you're off.

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Best Weight Training Exercises For Baseball Players

Posted by JustBats.com on Jul 16, 2018 3:09:19 PM

Baseball and softball are both sports that require a combination of skill, smarts, and strength. Being strong is important but it isn’t the type of strength you might think that makes some of the great players great.

Being knowledgeable about what certain areas to work more than others and when during the week to exercise is just as important. JustBats.com looks at the best weight training exercises that will help you turn a single into a home run in no time flat.

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6 Best 2018 Fungo Bats

Posted by JustBats.com on Mar 20, 2018 4:51:52 PM

More fun(go) than a barrel of monkeys, right?

One of the most valuable tools for a baseball coach or softball coach is the long, skinny bat that is specifically crafted to be longer than traditional baseball bats. The fungo bat. With such a fun name, the fungo bat has been used in practice drills and pre-game defensive warm-ups for years. JustBats.com collected coach feedback and customer reviews to spotlight the six (6) best 2018 fungo bats.

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5 Exercises Pro Baseball Players Recommend

Posted by JustBats.com on Mar 12, 2018 10:40:01 AM

Baseball is a sport that requires a lot of strength, agility, and explosive movement. However, those traits aren’t innate in the great players we see on TV and in the field. Instead, they had to work their way to these skills, one exercise at a time.

In this article, JustBats.com looks at the best exercises pro baseball players recommend that got the greats where they are today.

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What Is The Best Batting Practice Bat? 

Posted by JustBats.com on Feb 19, 2018 10:28:23 AM

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

Batting practice is no exception. It is essential to step into the cage as much as possible if you want to take your game and hitting percentage to the next level. But, what is the best bat for batting practice? Are aluminum, composite, or wood bats the best for cage hitting? The team at JustBats.com explains.

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8 Tips On How To Get Out Of A Hitting Slump

Posted by JustBats.com on Jul 17, 2017 4:35:18 PM

Hitting is not easy. But, you already knew that.

Have you ever been in a hitting slump? Maybe you're experiencing one right now and can't even buy a hit. From tee ball all the way up to the Major Leagues, every hitter is going to suffer a slump at some point during their career. But, rest assured, your next hitting streak is one pitch away.

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7 Best Training Tools for Baseball and Softball

Posted by JustBats.com on Jun 26, 2017 4:38:51 PM

"You can't steal second base and keep your foot on first."

Baseball and softball are difficult sports to master. Your competition is always trying to improve. Enhancing your game takes patience, time, and dedication. Are you stressed out yet?

First of all, have fun. That's the most important thing, but--luckily--there are also helpful training tools that can help you achieve even more success on the ballfield. Here are the seven (7) best training tools to consider.

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Diamond Kinetics vs. Zepp Swing Trackers

Posted by JustBats.com on Feb 20, 2017 8:23:48 PM

"Progress always involves risk. You can't steal second base and keep your foot on first." - Frederick B. Wilcox

In today's sports world, if you're not using sabermetrics during your training sessions or practice, you're behind the curve (pun intended). Are you looking to implement a swing tracker into your batting practice? There are many great training tools and swing trackers on the market, but JustBats has the two best: the Diamond Kinetics and the Zepp swing trackers

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5 Fun Tee Ball Drills Every Coach Should Use

Posted by JustBats.com on Feb 16, 2017 7:56:18 AM

Tee ball.

The first impression that many first-time baseball players receive of America's pastime is swinging a soft ball off a tee. If a player doesn't enjoy their time in tee ball, there's a good chance they won't move on to Little League, and then high school, and even the Major Leagues.  If you're a first-time coach or even an experienced coach looking to expand on your practice plan, JustBats is all about helping. 

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