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Little League International Announces 2012 Bat Rules

Posted by Derek H on Nov 16, 2011 3:25:47 PM

Little League International just announced a change to the bat rules for the 2012 season. I wanted to take a second to explain the change to make sure all our customers know what they can swing.

The rule only applies to the Little League organization. The kids that are apart of Little League and play with big barrel bats now have to swing BBCOR. Three divisions were effected: Junior (13-14), Senior League (14-16), and Big League (16-18). Any participants in these three divisions will have to swing a BBCOR certified bat.

This is a pretty big deal. Currently BBCOR bats are only available in -3 length to weight ratios and are typically designed for high school players. Considering the lightest youth 2 ¼” barrel bat is a -10, Little League is expecting kids to make a seven ounce jump in a year.

For all those effected don’t worry. JustBats.com is here to help you find the right bat. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Check out Little League's official press release here.

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