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2014 Rawlings Baseball Bat Showcase

Posted by Mac M on Aug 2, 2013 12:05:18 AM


Since the company was started in 1887, Rawlings’ mission has always been about, “... enabling participation by developing and producing innovative, high-performance equipment.” Their 2014 line of baseball bats in no exception, and here at JustBats, we’re excited for their release and ready to introduce them to you!

Rawlings rolls out two models for 2014 that feature their brand-new TRIO technology. The TRIO 3-Piece Hybrid Technology blends their Comp Lite endcap, 5150 Alloy barrel, and a composite handle for an ultra low M.O.I. and increased barrel flex. The TRIO is also offered in an end loaded model that is specifically tuned to generate more power for players with high swing speeds.

Available Models:
TRIO BBCOR (-3), (32”-34”)
TRIO End Load BBCOR (-3), (33”-34”)


The 2014 VELO is the brand new version of Rawlings’ lowest M.O.I. bat from last season. The VELO still features that one-piece, 5150 Alloy design with the Comp Lite endcap. With the dead weight eliminated from the end of the bat, players can achieve higher swing speeds. Increased bat speed, paired with the Precision-Optimized Performance (pOp) barrel technology, will give power and contact hitter alike the performance they’re looking for.

Available Models:
BBCOR (-3), (31”-34”)
Senior League (-5) & (-10) with 2 ⅝” barrel diameters, 1.15 BPF, (30”-33”)
Senior League (-10), 2 ⅝” barrel diameter, 1.15 BPF, (28”-32”)

5150 Alloy

As its name suggests, the 2014 5150 is constructed from Rawlings’ highest performing alloy. 5150 Alloy is formulated for higher strength and increased flex, resulting in an unmatched combination of trampoline and durability. The Precision-Optimized Performance (pOp) technology in its barrel isolates the added weight to a smaller region on the barrel. This weight orientation allows the bat to meet performance regulations while keeping the bat light and balanced.

Available Models:
BBCOR (-3), (30”-34”)
Senior League (-10), 2 ⅝” barrel diameter, 1.15 BPF, (27”-30”)

Rawlings 5150 Senior League

Plasma Alloy:

If you’re looking for a high-performing bat at a reasonable price, the Plasma Alloy may be the bat for you. Each model offers different benefits for different types of players: Rawlings is proud to say that the (-3) model is the lowest M.O.I. BBCOR bat that retails under $100. The Plasma Alloy BBCOR is designed with Precision-Optimized (pOp) barrel technology which creates thinner walls and quicker bat speed. The Youth model offers an extended barrel technology for maximum performance and a huge sweet spot. And finally, the Junior Big Barrel model is Rawlings’ first Big Barrel bat designed for players 8 and under.

Available Models:
BBCOR (-3), (30”-34”)
Youth (-12), 2 ¼” barrel diameter, 1.15 BPF, (27”-31”)
Junior Big Barrel (-11), 2 ⅝” barrel diameter, 1.15 BPF, (25”-27”)

RX4 Alloy:

The RX4 Alloy provides a stiff handle for a consistent feel and better control at the plate. The stiff flex, paired with the thin alloy barrel-end construction, ensures that the player achieves the most pop and performance that is allowed.

Available Models:
BBCOR (-3), (30”-34”)
Senior League (-5), 2 ⅝” barrel diameter, 1.15 BPF, (30”-32”)

Rawlings RX4 Senior League

Mach Two-Piece Composite:

As Rawlings’ sole two-piece composite offering, the Mach provides players with a light swing weight and increased trampoline effect. These bats have been designed with double wall barrel construction for maximum performance. Composite Fiber Density technology allows for increased performance and durability.

Available Models:
Senior League (-10) with 2 ⅝” barrel diameter, 1.15 BPF and ABI approved, (28”-32”)
Youth (-10) with 2 ¼” barrel diameter, 1.15 BPF, and ABI approved, (28”-32”)
Coach Pitch/Tee Ball (-13.5) with 2 ¼” barrel diameter, 1.15 BPF, (25”-26”)

Rawlings Mach Senior league

Raptor Alloy:

The Raptor Alloy models combine awesome graphics that Youth players will love with a light swing weight for optimal performance. With its balanced, one-piece alloy design and soft tack grip, the Raptor Alloy will help Youth players build confidence and further develop their skills.

Available Models:
Youth (-11) with 2 ¼” barrel diameter, 1.15 BPF, (27”-31”)
Tee Ball (-12) with 2 ¼” barrel diameter, 1.15 BPF, (24”-26”)

Rush Alloy:

The one-piece Rush Alloy models are designed for Youth players who want great performance and a bat that shows off their style. These bats are offered in lower length to weight ratios for stronger players looking to unleash their full potential.

Available Models:
Youth (-10) with 2 ¼” barrel diameter, 1.15 BPF, (26”-30”)
Tee Ball (-11) with 2 ¼” barrel diameter, 1.15 BPF, (24”-26”)

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