How To Flare A Baseball Glove

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Some players may choose to flare their glove to emulate their favorite Big Leaguers, but the flare also offers functional benefits. By flaring out the tips of the thumb and pinky finger stalls, a flat, shallow pocket it created. This might sound like the exact opposite of what a player should be looking for, but the flatter pocket creates a larger catching surface and allows for a faster transfer to the throwing hand. Flared gloves are most often used by infielders looking for that quick transition when throwing across the diamond or turning a double-play, but some outfielders also choose to break-in their gloves in this fashion.

Pro Flare

There are a few manufacturers that offer pre-flared models (Louisville Slugger TPX Pro Flare, Louisville Slugger TPX HD9), but you can easily shape your own glove to achieve the benefits of a flare. Although a very basic approach, constantly shaping the thumb and finger stalls with your hands is the best method which will also maintain the stiffness of the rest of the glove. By simply bending and holding the thumb and pinky fingers stalls away from the pocket, with moderate effort, the leather can be molded to create this flare design. The longer the pressure is applied to the glove, the more pronounced the flare will be. Repeating this process multiple times will likely be required until the desired flare is achieved.


The “Breaking In A Glove” section of our Glove Resource Guide is an informative guide that we recommend you follow for a perfect break-in. Many alternative methods will recommend excessive heating of the glove (i.e., steaming, placing in an oven, dunking in very hot water), which could damage or shorten its life. Applying a light coat of glove oil would be beneficial in softening the leather, but it is not essential. With little effort, you can sport the flare and enjoy the benefits in the field that many collegiate and Professional players seek.

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